ON LINE REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED.  You may register at the event.

We are excited to invite you to the Seventh Annual Summer Scurry to benefit the ACPMP Research Foundation. This years race will take place on Saturday, August 13, 2016 in Independence, OH.
We hope you will join us for a fun, family-oriented race to support and honor Lisa Luciano and the ACPMP Research Foundation. We are looking forward to another successful year! 



5K Walk/Run begins at 8:30am, followed by the 1 Mile Family Fun Run at 9:00am. The Kid's Fest (which includes inflatables, face painting, ballon artist, and other fun activities) begins at 9:30am. 

Pre-registration prices:
5K Walk/Run - $25.00 
1 Mile Family Fun Run (inludes t-shirt) - $20.00 
Kid's Fest (does not include t-shirt)- $15.00

Day of registration prices:
5K Walk/Run (includes t-shirt) - $30
1 Mile Family Fun Run (includes t-shirt) - $25.00 
Kid's Fest (does not include t-shirt) - $20.00
GOAL: $50,000.00
Raised: $23,560.00
Registrants Activity
Tricia Allen$25.00
Joseph Andrassy$25.00
Erik Buckland$90.00
George Burke$50.00
Joe Caco$50.00
Laura Calvey$45.00
Celeste Cocca$20.00
Kenny DiFranco$25.00
Susan DiFranco$25.00
Deanna DiGeronimo$50.00
Lisa DiGeronimo$100.00
Guy Dillon$50.00
Mary Dolejs$345.00
Jonathan Farmerie$75.00
Bob Fields$25.00
Jane Frustaci$50.00
Angela Giallourakis $25.00
Sarah Greene$50.00
Stephanie Griffin$25.00
Linda Grimm$40.00
Sarah Hamila$60.00
Richard Hanes$75.00
Joan Hazey$50.00
Edwina Horvat$20.00
Amy Hovan$100.00
Andy Hovan$25.00
Desiree Hovan$95.00
Jeanette Hovan$25.00
Joan Hovan$25.00
Marge Hovan$100.00
Patrick Hovan$55.00
Patty Hovan$25.00
William S Hovan$125.00
Brian Kilbane$55.00
Jim Kroeger$50.00
Carolyn Kuczmarski$65.00
Rachel Kuhn$25.00
Sarah Kurtz$155.00
Kristy LaBella$100.00
Don Landis$20.00
Melinda Lang$25.00
Kathleen Laviano$50.00
John Learned$50.00
Nicki Lee$145.00
Gary Lewis$25.00
Christine Leyda$145.00
Randall Lingenfelter$50.00
Jordan Linton$30.00
Michele Linton$140.00
Ralph Lucarelli$100.00
Marie Luciano$225.00
Wendy Luciano$155.00
Bruce Marek$100.00
Debra Marlow$75.00
Melissa Martinka$50.00
Anita McCann $25.00
Brian McIntyre$25.00
Abigail Meyer$50.00
Judy Meyer$25.00
Taylor Mummert$50.00
Lauren Narduzzi$160.00
Tanya Niezgoda$75.00
Sponsor Packages$16,250.00
Stephanie Park$50.00
Amy Paulson$15.00
Terry Percival$80.00
Cathy Peters$25.00
Craig Peters$25.00
Scott Peters$95.00
Lauren Pichert$50.00
Cyndi Pietrantone$20.00
James Polak$25.00
Dan Polk$50.00
Traci Prohaska$20.00
Jessica Rathbun$80.00
Mark Robinson$70.00
Jackie Ross$25.00
Doug Roth$50.00
Sue Roth$100.00
Paul Scales$100.00
Kaitlyn Schroeder$100.00
Carrie Sears$160.00
Justin Siers$70.00
Don Smith$50.00
Jeff Soldan$25.00
Mary Ann Soldan$45.00
Laurie Soldat$25.00
Stephanie Soldat$35.00
Katie Spahnie$20.00
Maureen Stauffer$75.00
Apryle Suvak$50.00
Gina Turner$25.00
Samantha Wallace$60.00
Paige Westerburg$25.00
Remi Wichert$50.00
Leah Williams$65.00
Carl Wisniewski$25.00
Nancy Wygonski$25.00
Audrey Yuknavich$50.00
Hallie Zeleznik$25.00
Erin Zifcheck$25.00
Matt Zifcheck $25.00
Debbie Ziss$75.00
Teams Activity
ALL Crane$20.00
Gary's Wing Nuts$105.00
Kurtz Fam$155.00
Marie Luciano's Team$680.00
Mary Looch Fam and Friends$1,870.00
Scales Family$100.00
Sonny Hovan$1,920.00
Sues Support Squad$260.00
Walthall Walkers$195.00
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